Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas is coming! Ready? Or Not?

Handmade gifts are becoming more and more popular. This year, a lot of emphasis has been placed on environmentally friendly gifts. These are made of eco-friendly materials or "upcycled" from recycled materials. Spread the ideas this year. What can you make or buy that fits for a unique person this year?

When it comes to Christmas presents, I'm always worried about just getting presents for the sake of having something to give. I hate giving meaningless gifts just to people because I couldn't find something for them. So, I like to make gifts now.
 Sweater scarves are one of my favorites... I make them out of the sleeves of gently used sweaters. I've started making other accessories from sweaters that you may see soon.
 Paper beads. Always fun. I've been making them for years. They can be upcycled from recycled paper. I try to always make them from salvaged materials, my favorite being vintage wallpaper.
 Another sweater scarf.......
And another sweater scarf.......
All of these items can be found in my shop (Use coupon code NEWBLOG15 for 15% off of any purchase.)

What do you do for holiday gifts? Any handmade ideas? I'd love to hear about them. Leave me comments.(:

First Post! :O

Bear with me here... I'm new to blogging. It feels odd to talk to myself like this...
Allow me to indroduce myself.
I'm Heidi. I'm an artist... Aspiring artist, I guess you could say. I'm also a writer, rollerblader, fashion designer, interior designer, sister, daughter, Christian, and friend -- though definitely not a professional in any of those areas.  I run a handmade jewelry, fashion, accessory, and decor shop, Attic Philosopher, at I also run a vintage shop, This Attic Vintage, at  Feel free to check them both out.
I create in an attic. My entire studio is in an unused bedroom of a victorian attic.  It's pretty cool up there.
I like to be friendly, but I'm not sure what else to say... I run out of things to tell myself pretty fast. So, yep.
Talk to me?